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About Course

Creo Parametric – A Complete Beginner to Advanced Course. Syllabus include: Sketch, Part, Assembly, Drawing, Sheetmetal and Surface. This course is made on creo parametric 7.0. this course designed in such a way that you will learn about all important tools and commands of the software.
This is a streamlined course to take you from knowing nothing about creo to give you all the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified creo designer. Suitable models are provided to download for practice purpose.

What I will learn?

  • Sketch, 3D Modeling, Assembly
  • Drafting, Sheetmetal, Surface Model
  • GD & T
  • Layouts

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Concept of Engineering Drawing, Introduction to Creo Parametric

  • Concept Of Engineering Drawing
  • Introduction To Creo Parametric

Chapter 2: Introduction To Sketcher, Draw Tools

Chapter 3: Text, Modify Tools, Datum

Chapter 4: Geometrical Constraints, Dimensional Constraints

Chapter 5: Additional Options

Chapter 6: Introduction To Part, Template, Extrude, Revolve

Chapter 7: Different Sweep Operations, Various Blends

Chapter 8: Hole, Corner, Chamfer, Draft

Chapter 9: Advance Blend, Cosmetic Thread

Chapter 10: Shell, Rib Operations

Chapter 11: Different Pattern Methods, Datum Elements

Chapter 12: Part Model Practice Examples

Chapter 13: More Practice Examples

Chapter 14: Introduction To Assembly, Constraints

Chapter 15: Pattern, Section, Exploded View, Appearance, Bill of Material

Chapter 16: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD & T), Annotations, Dimensions

Chapter 17: Assembly Practice Examples

Chapter 18: Introduction To Drawing (Detailing), Detailed Views

Chapter 19: Sheet Setup, Table

Chapter 20: Draw Sketch, Edit Sketch, Trim Operations

Chapter 21: Detail Dimensioning

Chapter 22: Annotations, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance, Symbols

Chapter 23: Exploded View, Bill of Materials, Title Block Template

Chapter 24: Detailing of 3D Model

Chapter 25: Introduction of Sheetmetal, Primary Walls, Cuts, Revolve, Blends

Chapter 26: Solid to Sheetmetal, Rip Operations

Chapter 27: Bends, Flat Pattern, Sheetmetal Editing Operations

Chapter 28: Sheetmetal Practice Examples

Chapter 29: Introduction to Surface, Surface Operations, Sweeps, Blends

Chapter 30: Surface Editing Operations, free Style

Chapter 31: Surface Editing Operations (Extended Part)

Chapter 32: Surface Design Practice Example


  • Life time access
  • ISO certified
  • Mobile friendly
  • Live doubt sessions
  • Downloadable content